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Small Changes For Big RESULTS

By: Team lumiNutri

Let’s give you an example of how we would start and then make changes if required with the nutrition goals of a new client who has a starting bodyweight of 200 pounds but wants to drop down to 180 pounds. To begin, we’d record all their initial body stats and take photos if they wanted, all within the lumiNutri app.

The numbers for calories and macros we start with is our educated best guess based upon what they tell us about their background from a nutrition and exercise point of view and we’d also be taking into account our past experiences in what's worked well with previous clients who’ve come with similar goals from a similar background.

Starting Nutrition Goals:

  • Calories = 2,400 (12 x bodyweight in pounds)
  • Protein = 180g (0.9 x bodyweight in pounds)
  • Carbs = 210g (35% of total calories)
  • Fat = 93g (remaining calories after protein/carbs)

We have to start somewhere and these initial goals will give us a good starting point and we can make any necessary adjustments from here if required in 2 weeks. For weight loss, we like to start on the higher side when issuing calorie goals because the higher we start, the more room we have for manoeuvre if they need to reduce in time.

You will see, there’s no crash diet or elimination a food group, i.e carbs. We do this to make their nutritional intake, feel sustainable and not like a “diet”. Experience has shown up that the more drastic the change, the more likely they are to resort to their old eating habits that have lead to to us today, we need to break old patterns.

To begin with we give them the freedom to decide on how they will reach these numbers but the most important thing at this point is that we are getting them used to recording everything they eat and drink, every single day. Over time, we can focus on the quality of calories if needs be.

After 2 weeks, we would retake their bodyweight and body stats. We like to give someone at least 2 weeks of eating these goals before making any changes. During this time we’re also gathering feedback on how they are finding these goals? Do they feel they are under or over eating? What are their energy levels like?

If we aren't seeing the progress we want after a few weeks, we will look to change things. We will also take into consideration that by now they should be in the routine of drinking at 2-3 litres of water per day and sleeping for an average of 7-9 hours per night. If they aren't doing this, we need to re-educate them on the importance of doing so.

Adjusted Nutrition Goals:

  • Calories = 2,200 (11 x bodyweight in pounds)
  • Protein = 180g (No change)
  • Carbs = 193g (-17g, still 35% of total calories)
  • Fat = 79g (-14g, still remaining calories after protein/carbs)

You will notice here that these changes are minimal, just 200 calories (taken from fat and carbohydrates). By now we are into a routine of recording all our info in the app, we’re going to record body stats every 2 weeks and make any further adjustments based upon the results we see.

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