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Quick TIPS for New Users

By: Team lumiNutri

One of the most popular requests we have from new users of the lumiNutri app is what are the top tips for using the platform. Therefore we’ve put together a list of 5 that will stand you in good stead and set you on the right path to reaching your goals.

TIP 1: Input EVERYTHING you eat and drink

It’s quite common for users to input the food and drinks that they consider to be ‘healthy’. To begin with don’t focus on the numbers too much, just commit to being honest with yourself and input everything you have, every single day.

TIP 2: Take time to input your CUSTOM foods

If you want the best results possible, input the nutritional information you have from the food label you have with you. It only takes around 30 seconds per item and once you have done it once it will be saved to your account and as we tend to be creatures of habit, it’s highly likely you will buy and eat the exact same foods regularly which saves time for future use.

TIP 3: Be as ACCURATE as possible with portions

We’d encourage you to invest in a set of electronic weighing scales for your kitchen at the beginning. Use them for a couple of weeks to start with (or for when you add new foods to your diary) and then you will usually be able to just look at a plate of food and take an honest, educated guess as to the amounts and be quite accurate if you don't want to weigh everything in the long term (most people don't).

TIP 4: Input FOOD individually rather than a general meal

Let’s say that you’ve had a BLT sandwich for your lunch and it has no food label, meaning you have no barcode or food data to input a custom food. The best option for results is to list all food items individually, in this case you could add: bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, butter and mayonnaise. Just give an honest best guess as to the amounts of each. If you have this same sandwich, again rather than choosing individual items you can copy this meal to a day of your choice to save time.

TIP 5: Have a good LOOK AROUND our app and website

To keep up to date or catch up on any content we post we would really encourage you to look at our blog, videos and in-app tutorials as we will be providing information through these to not only help you reach your goals but also to help navigate our app so you can take advantage of all it’s great features.

As a final point to make sure you use our platform for exactly what it’s meant to be, a guide for you to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. New users will typically spend 10-15 minutes per day for the first couple of weeks as they try all the features and get used to everything but this tends to reduce over time to around 3 - 5 minutes per day. Remember, try not take it to seriously to the point where it takes over your life. Relax, play around with your meals, have fun with it and get your friends and family involved for extra support.

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