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The lumiNutri app is a mobile platform which gives you the foundation to achieve all your Health & Fitness goals. With it, you can track all the important elements of your lifestyle, including: Food, Exercise, Water & Sleep.

CRAIG BUDGEN is the man behind lumiNutri and a leading expert within the Health & Fitness industry. With over 19 years of coaching experience, he knows exactly what needs to be monitored to get real results, that last.

To make lumiNutri as accessible to as many people as possible, we have made the app 100% FREE to sign up to and use. So download the app now to begin your journey towards reaching your Health & Fitness goals.

CRAIG BUDGEN has a reputation for achieving life-changing results with a wide range of high-profile clients and the general public, having recorded over 20,000 hours of private coaching since starting his career in 2002.

Hollywood Actors, Fashion Models, TV Presenters and Professional Athletes are just some examples of the clientele to have sought Craig's guidance and his track record sets him apart a leading Health & Fitness professional.

Via our social media channels, Craig will be sharing his experience and insights with lumiNutri members by providing long-term solutions to the issues that arise for all of us when trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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