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▶︎ Is the lumiNutri app really 100% FREE to use?

Yes! We find it frustrating when an app lets you sign up free and then you have to pay for certain features and or with monthly subscription fees. Therefore, ALL memberships and ALL our apps features are 100% FREE to anyone with a mobile phone / tablet.

▶︎ What is the lumiNutri score? 

If you want the best results possible, you must consider all the important elements of your lifestyle in combination. These include your nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep. So we have innovative scoring system to give you a daily score which accounts for everything.

▶︎ How can i find more info about the lumiNutri score?

From within your app, go to "Tutorials" from the main menu and once there you can search for "score" in the top box. Here you can view our short video which goes into detail on how we calculate your score and what a good score is from day to day. 

▶︎ I'm not good with technology, can I use the app?

Of course! We have a wide variety of members, some of whom will be very experienced in tracking their lifestyle and others whom all this will be brand new for and maybe a little overwhelming. To help, we have a range in-app tutorials available 24/7. 

▶︎ How much time will i need to spend on the app each day?

With us you can track your food, water, exercise and sleep all in one place and doing so will take you around 3 - 5 minutes per day. To do this, we have a large database and we also give you to copy meals from one day to the next with just a swipe of a button.

▶︎ Do I need to have a coach to use the app?

No, it is not at compulsory to have a coach whilst using our platform. Our data shows us that approximately 25% of our members do have a coach. The reason we let members link an accounts to their coach is for the exchange of information in real time. 

▶︎ How can I link accounts with my clients from my professional membership?

Your client must first have their own regular membership. From within your app, go to "My Clients" from the main menu, press  "Add A New Client", and then input their email address to invite them to be your client.

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