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The lumiNutri app is a mobile platform which gives you the foundation to achieve your health and fitness goals. With it, you can track all the important elements of your lifestyle, including: nutrition, exercise, hydration and sleep.

Other apps may track some of these elements in isolation, but if you want the best results, you must consider all of them combined. So we've developed an innovative new system to give you a daily score which accounts for everything.

We have 2 membership options and both are 100% FREE. Our regular memberships are for the general public, and professional memberships are for coaches, such as: Nutritionists, Personal Trainers & Gym Instructors.

CRAIG BUDGEN is the founder of lumiNutri and a leading health and fitness professional with 17 years experience. He has earned a reputation for achieving life-changing results with a wide range of high-profile clients and the general public.

Hollywood Actors, Fashion Models, TV Presenters and Professional Athletes are just some examples of the calibre of clientele to have sought Craig’s expertise, and his impressive track record includes over 15,000 hours of coaching.

Craig brings a wealth of knowledge in working with both private clients and in the mentoring of other coaches. He is committed to making lumiNutri the world's leading nutrition and lifestyle platform for getting results, and keeping them.

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